Still looking for a Halloween costume? Try one of these ideas.

Today’s post comes from, yes, you guessed it, our intern Alicia, who’s all excited about Halloween.

Halloween is right around the corner and like some of us you’re probably still looking for something to wear. Have no fear. I have a few suggestions for you. Earlier this week, our Student Activities Council sponsored a Halloween Costume Fashion Show, where students made their costumes with regular things around the house.

Some students have some pretty creative costumes. We had a black cat, a bunny, a woman dressed for a ball, and a victim of extreme sunburn.

Still looking for ideas? Here are some cheap costume ideas:

  • Facebook profile page. When I was in New Zealand, we went to a theme party where all the partygoers were to dress up in something beginning with the letter “F.” One guy was a Facebook profile page. The “wall” was his shirt, and people could sign it. Around his face was the box with his face/profile picture and info. Materials: paper, markers and imagination
  • Sunburn victim. This costume is really simple. Put on your bathing suit and cover yourself in red paint. You can get creative with this one though. For example, trace your hand or something you’d usually fall asleep with on you while sunbathing. Materials: paint, bushes (optional), bathing suit.
  • Anything boxy. Gather some cardboard boxes from any office. Using the box, you can be a car, rocket ship, bus, house, refrigerator, Lego block, etc. The box can easily be decorated to your liking. Materials: cardboard box and markers/crayons.
  • Dress up like a celebrity. You can dress up like Ellen Degeneres by wearing Chuck Taylor’s jean and a sweater over a button-up shirt. Comb/brush you hair the same way. You can mimic many people by just using your own wardrobe. But remember that step two to imitation is getting that person’s mannerisms memorized.
  • Black cat.  The woman who was the black cat in the event wore an all-black outfit that she found in her closet. The best part, her ears were made of duct tape! Creativity strikes again. Materials: clothing matching the kind of cat you want to be and duct tape.
  • I hope these ideas get the brain juices flowing on what you’ll be for Halloween.Happy Halloween folks!On Monday, we’ll give you even more ideas.

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