Your son or daughter is homesick. What can you do to help?

You dropped your son or daughter off to college and you think everything is A-OK. Then, you get a phone call, email or text. Your son or daughter is sad, is feeling homesick and wants to come home. Now what do you do?

Both the CollegeBoard  and the College Parents of America offer several suggestions on how you can help your child cope with homesickness:

  • Let him or her vent.

One of the most important steps in working through homesickness is to talk. If you think your child needs to talk, provide encouragement. But, if he or she doesn’t, don’t push.

  • Suggest that your son or daughter talk to someone on campus.

Colleges typically have many people on campus who can help students deal with homesickness, whether it’s a resident advisor, a student leader, a faculty member of a counselor.

  • Tell your son or daughter that homesickness is normal.

Make sure your child knows that he or she is not alone; many students have times when they feel homesick.

  • Encourage your son or daughter to stay on campus. 

It’s more difficult to adjust to campus if he or she isn’t there. Frequent trips home won’t help his or her homesickness problem.

  • Communicate often.

Everyone likes to get an email and or a letter of package in the mail. You can include clippings from your hometown paper or even home-cooked treats.

  • Encourage him or her to get involved on campus. 

Our guest blogger, Alicia Hooks, said staying active on campus helped her deal with homesickness.

Have you dealt with this before? If so, if you have any suggestions please let us know.


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