Red Cup Olympics

Our hard-working intern Alicia Hooks seems to have become the “Olympics reporter,” having written accounts of the Laundry Olympics and the Safe Sex Olympics. Today, she writes about the Red Cup Olympics.

 On Wednesday, the Office of Residential Life and Housing on our campus sponsored the Red Cup Olympics. The goal of this event was to educate college students on the dangers of drinking games, which cause binge drinking, and the dangers of driving under the influence and/or texting. More than 100 students attended.

Students participated in many activities:

  • Root Beer pong
  • Flip Cup
  • Jenga with alcohol statistics
  • “Pour Me a Drink” where they learned how much liquor, wine, malt liquor and beer equaled one legal drink and how to estimate correctly using a solo cup
  • Taking the danger of texting and driving pledge, promising not to take part  in distracting activities while driving
  • DUI prevention
  • Viewing drinking and driving crash photos from the state of Pennsylvania
  • Watching a video of what happens during a car crash (“How fast you can die”)
  • Trying to talk while wearing drunk goggles

We were also surprised to see the Student Activities Council’s evening musical guest, Augustine take part in the games. Augustine is a band from Florida that is seen on MTV’s “As Told by Liz.”  The performers casually joined in with the students as they danced to the Cupid Shuffle and even played a few games.

It was a very exciting experience. Check out the video below to see just how much fun we had.


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