How to avoid procrastinating – Wait, we’ll tell you tomorrow

We wanted to write about procrastination before but, well, we kind of put it off. We all procrastinate at times. However, regularly putting things off can create undue stress. And, since we’re talking about mental-health issues this month, avoiding procrastination seemed liked a good topic to address.

You’re probably well aware of what procrastination is. You have a paper due on Monday and waited until Sunday night to start writing it. You’ve known for weeks about a test on Friday, but you put off studying for it until Thursday night, maybe even Friday morning depending on the time of your test. 

You’ve probably done some of these things in an effort to avoid doing what you need to do:

OK, we all know what it is, but how can we overcome it? Mary Coller, director of our Academic Advising Center,offers ways to beat what she calls “a student’s worst nightmare.”

How do you overcome procrastination? When you’re done cleaning off your desk, making a cup of coffee, playing with your cat (or dog), finishing a book, going for a walk, texting your best friend, watching TV, and updating your Facebook status, tell us about it.


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