Your nest is empty. Now what?

So, you’ve sent your son or daughter off to college and now you look around and … there are no more children in the house. You’re feeling a little sad, a little lonely, a little sense of loss. You’re experiencing Empty Nest Syndrome, and you’re not alone.

What can you do about it? Plenty.

Get a pet. If you’re feeling the need to take care of something, a pet could do the trick. And, if you choose one from the local SPCA, you’ll be giving an animal a much-needed home as well.

Learn something new.  It’s never too late to learn something new. Take a class. Learn to dance. Try your hand at painting or woodworking. Take your new-found time and explore your interests and passion.

Travel. Many parents held off on trips when their children were home. Now, you can choose a destination and leave that empty feeling at home.

Enjoy the peace and quiet. Remember when you wanted to read a book but your children were playing their music too loud. Or, you wanted to watch something on television but they needed you to take them to soccer/football/dance/cheerleading/band practice? Enjoy this time.

Prepare while the nest is still full. Start thinking about and preparing before your son or daughter goes to college and enjoy the process of his or her starting to leave. 

Revisit your dreams and goals. Remember all of those things you wanted to do but put off when you had children? Now is your time to revisit them and do some.

Find something meaningful. This may be a good time to help others. Volunteer at your local church, library or school. Put your special talents and skills to work for others.

Reignite or begin new friendships. You may have put some friendships on the back burner when your children were home. Reach out to them. Or, make new friends. Socialize. Get out there. 

Here are some other suggestions:

Of course, if you have any suggestions to share just let us know.


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