Staying sane

All this week we’re addressing how to deal with mental-health issues. Today — what you can do to maintain your own mental health.

You need to know first that you are not alone. Nearly a third of college students have gone to a counselor for a mental-health issue, whether because they were suffering from anxiety, stress or something more serious.

To help maintain good mental health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests you:

  • Develop a network of friends.
  • Talk to teachers, counselors, family members and friends if you’re having trouble with your academics.
  • Stay active, which can relieve depression and improve your mood.
  • Visit your university’s health center to discuss any of your concerns with a health care professional.  suggests you:

  • Keep connected at home because you have a network of support there.
  • Eat well, get enough sleep and make smart choices regarding alcohol and other substances, since mind and body are connected.
  • Realize that there is nothing wrong with you.
  • Form good study habits. Keeping up with your studies will lessen your stress and anxiety levels.

And remember, if you need help, visit your campus’ counseling center. Also, on our campus, you can participate in confidential and anonymous online screenings for depression, and alcohol and eating disorders to give you a better idea if you have a problem.

Your college also may have a local chapter of Active Minds, a student organizations that provides mental health awareness and education to fellow students, where you can get additional resourcces.

If you know of any other helpful suggestions or resources, please share them with us.


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