Safe Sex Olympics

First, she covered the Laundry Olympics. Now Alicia Hooks, our awesome intern, is writing about our campus’ Safe Sex Olympics, which are held each year to help keep our students safe.

Last week, the Office of Residential Life, along with the Resident Advisors, hosted the Safe Sex Olympics, a yearly campus event. The games were all about practicing safe-sex habits. Representatives from the Adagio Health Clinic, located in Bradford, were also there with facts and to provide testing.  

More than 225 students showed up to participate in the games. This year was also the first time the university offered STD/STI testing through this event, and more than 40 students were tested for gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

As you entered, a sign was posted that said “Welcome to the Condom Factory,” and then the games followed. There were many events:

  • Condom taste test
  • Air-burst test (How much air can you blow into a condom without breaking it?)
  • Tensile test (How many marbles can a condom hold?)
  • How far can you stretch a condom?
  • Leakage test (testing their leaking ability)
  • Pregnant belly race
  • “Smoosh Room” (STD identification)
  • Trivia
  • Lube thumb wrestling (How oily is the lube?)
  • Abstinence table
  • Condom race (How fast can you put on a condom?)

Sound interesting? See for yourself:


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