Tips to improve your writing

On Monday, we addressed the importance of writing well and offered a few resources to help you improve your writing skills. Today, we have some additional resources to share.

  • Five glaring grammatical errors.  The CollegeBoard has a list of five glaring grammatical errors – such as its vs. it’s — and how to  fix them.
  • Tackling your school papers. The CollegeBoard also offers some tips on how to tackle your school papers, including how to get started, get organized and create a draft.
  • Grammar Girl tips.  Mignon Fogarty, also known as the Grammar Girl, offers tips on all things writing, including compound nouns and subjects, affect vs. effect, and when to use who and whom. She also offers the top 10 grammar myths like ending a sentence with a preposition (it’s OK in some cases).
  • Tips for writing a term paper.  CollegeOnline offers 57 tips for writing a term paper that starts with getting to know your  professors.
  • Punctuation and other tips. There are also many handy resources at your fingertips at the National Punctuation Day website. While we missed National Punctuation Day, which was last Saturday, Sept. 24, you may want to put it on your calendar for          next year so you can celebrate appropriately. We baked these cupcakes one year to celebrate.

Here’s a little tribute we found to pay tribute to both National Punctuation Day and the Old Spice guy that might give you a chuckle:

Have you found any helpful resources? If so, please share them with us.


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