Good writing matters in college and beyond

If you send 1,000 texts or emails per day, is that writing? And, is all of that texting and emailing affecting your ability to write well?

The answers are no and yes, according to a study by the Pew Research Center, which studies all kinds of neat things, Most teens do not think that texting and emailing are writing.  And, all of that texting and emailing is having a negative effect on their ability to write well. Nearly two-thirds of young people say they’ve used the informal style of texting and emailing in their writings for school.

Of course, this is a problem because your professors are going to have certain writing standards that do not include LOL or LMAO. (In fact, we can guarantee that they won’t be LMAO if you use that text talk.) Not only are good writing skills important in college; they’re also essential when you enter the working world.

At our university, we understand the importance of being able to write well and, as a result, have created a new Writing Center  to help students of all writing levels and abilities.

Our advising center also offers a three-part tutorial on how to write a college essay:

Do you have any suggestions on how to make writing better? If so, just let us know.

On Wednesday we’ll provide some additional resources to help you become a better writer.


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