Alumni and Family Weekend — Why you should go

Many colleges and universities plan special weekends for families and alumni, giving students, their parents, and graduates the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities.  Should you go?

Educator Beth Fredericks says visiting campus will help you stay connected to your son or daughter. “You will earn brownie points for showing up,” she says.

The College Parents of America also say yes. Attending the event will enable you to:

  • see if your child is adjusting to school
  • meet his/her friends
  • experience the school through his/her eyes
  • become more familiar with the school.

Our university’s Alumni and Family Weekend will give parents and students the same opportunities while offering a wide range of events.

Lindsay Retchless, our alumni relations director, offers additional reasons why it’s important to attend:

  • Simply put, its tradition.  This weekend of camaraderie, spirit and Pitt pride is part of what defines our campus and is one of my fondest memories as a student.
  • The weekend gives students and families the opportunity to network with our alumni at the Career Networking Luncheon, which is a highlight. The event connects alumni with students and their parents who can offer professional and career advice.

Do you have any thoughts? Please share them with us.


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