Laundry Olympics

We have a treat for you today. Guest blogger Alicia Hooks of Washington, D.C., a business management major at Pitt-Bradford, is writing about the Laundry Olympics held last week on campus.

There are many students who come to college campuses all over the world who have never done their own laundry. One way our campus has made the effort to help these students out is through the “Laundry Olympics” hosted by various resident advisors. On Thursday, Sept. 8, RAs from around campus gathered students from all sections to come to the laundry room for the events (with one free load as an incentive for the freshmen). The games included three challenges:

  1. Sock toss. Students first had to sort the socks according to the color tag on top, then toss the newly folded socks into a barrel to score points. First person with three sock bunches in the barrel won.
  2. Towel folding. Up to three students participated at a time. A towel and two washcloths were placed in front of the students, and each one had to neatly fold them. The first one who finished won.
  3. Three-legged race. Using a campus laundry bag,students paired up to race from one end to the other. Fastest team won.

The event also came with a quick “How-to” demonstration involving sorting and loading laundry.

Want to see the Laundry Olympics in action? Here you go:


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