Making the most of your college visit

So, you’ve scheduled a college visit. Now what? How can you make the most of your visit?

College Parents of America  offers a list of campus visit dos and don’ts, which includes researching the college before you visit, eating in the dining hall to meet and talk with current students, and checking out the surrounding community.

Other sources suggest:

  • Exploring on your own to get the most complete picture of campus
  • Scheduling a meeting with a professor in your major 
  • Reading the bulletin boards to see what’s happening on campus to give you an idea of the activities offered
  • Reading the student newspaper to learn the issues on campus that students care about
  • Staying overnight so you can experience a little of what residence life is like
  • Sitting in on a class to give you a feel for the class size and learning style   
  • Allocating enough time for a visit so you can get a good sense of the campus
  • Talking with a college coach if you’re interested in playing a sport
  • Asking questions such as the percentage of students who live on campus, if courses are taught by professors or teaching assistants, and the teacher-student ratio

And of course, if you have any advice to share please let us know.


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