Helping your son/daughter adjust to college — Part 1

Remember when your son of daughter was a baby? Remember those hopes you had for him or her? For most of us, those hopes included his or her going to college. Now the time has come. (Whoo hoo!)

What can you do to help your son or daughter make that transition? Lots.

Here are some suggestions we hope will help:

Academic issues

  • Help them purchase helpful organizational tools such as a daily planner and wall calendar
  • Share with them ways they can improve time-management skills
  • Encourage them to discipline themselves and find a quiet place to study
  • Tell them not to fear their professors; they’re there to help
  • Help them set realistic expectations for college-level work
  • Read the undergraduate catalog

Independence issues

  • Support their changes and be willing to change as well
  • Listen, support and encourage them
  • Encourage them to see their resident advisor if they have a problem in the residence hall
  • Discuss the importance of managing their time and money well
  • Talk to them about the importance of staying healthy (a little junk food is OK)
  • Encourage them to make choices for themselves
  • Discuss setting sexual boundaries for themselves and how to communicate them
  • Talk to them about drugs and alcohol

Fitting in

  • Remind them that friendships take time and effort
  • Encourage them to participate in campus activities
  • Discuss the types of diversity they will encourage, whether it’s ethnic, religious, sexual orientation or geographic
  • Encourage them to explore and communicate about the changes they’re experiencing

Do you have any suggestions? If so, please share them. We’d love to know.

On Wednesday we’ll address how you can help them with financial and adjustment issues.


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