Moving to campus — You just can’t bring everything

So, you’re getting ready to move on campus. What do you bring? More importantly, what do you leave at home?


This can get you started and will give you a chuckle:

When you’re starting to pack for college, keep in mind that:

  • your space will be limited, so be realistic about what you’ll really need
  • you’ll probably be going home at least a couple of times, so you won’t need to bring every piece of clothing you own
  • you should contact your roommate to see what he or she is bringing. If your roommate is bringing a TV, you won’t have to.

The CollegeBoard offers more tips, including an Off-to-College Checklist to help you plan what to bring.

We also offer a list that will give you some ideas.

What if you forget something? Don’t fret.  There will be at least one store  on campus — and other places to shop in the community — where you can buy what you need if you forget your toothbrush, a bathing suit or a backpack.

Are we missing anything? If so, just let us know.


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