Adjusting to college — Part II: Fitting in

A college campus is a great place to meet new people. But where and how do you start? Here’s how a few of our students and a recent graduate did it:

Alicia Hooks

Alicia, a senior business management major, says her biggest adjustment was coming from Washington, D.C. to Bradford, which is a much smaller town. She adapted by going to a lot of campus events so that she could meet people and make new friends. “With all the friends I made I was able to explore this area better,” she says.

“Don’t let your fears take control and keep you from meeting people and making friends,” Alicia says.

 Alex Davis

Alex, who graduated in May with a degree in public relations and is now a staff writer for The Middle Township Gazette in Seaville, N.J., is shy (really shy). So, his biggest adjustment was overcoming that shyness.

His knew he had to “put himself out there.” So, he started working at the student newspaper, The Source. That got him covering events and interviewing (and meeting) many people, from the president to deans to students.

Katie Zapel 

Campus life is a little different for Katie, a senior majoring in human relations, because she doesn’t live on campus but commutes from home instead. Joining clubs, she says, is a great way to meet people with similar interests and make friends. (Although she admits you’ve probably heard that from your guidance counselor, which made you roll your eyes.)

“That doesn’t mean you’ll all become BFFs, but at least it will give you somewhere to start,” she says.

Nuwangi Dias

When Nuwangi started at Pitt-Bradford, she planned on transferring after two years. However, “I got the guts to venture out on my own and got involved on campus. I joined a few clubs and met a lot of people. The better you know your surroundings, the better you feel.”

“The more I got to know the campus, the better I felt about being here,” she says, noting that she never did transfer. She expects to get a biology degree in 2012.

Do you have any advice to share? Just let us know.

Next week: What to bring to campus — and what to leave at home.


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