Adjusting to college — Part I: Academics

Have you noticed that many adults are quick to give you advice on how to adjust to college? Don’t procrastinate. Go to class. Study. Don’t party too much.  While they mean well – they really do mean well — it’s hard to take advice from people who haven’t been in a college classroom for a decade or two or three.

Wouldn’t it mean more to get advice from current or recently graduated college students? We thought so. Here’s what some of our students and recent grads had to say about adjusting to college.

Lyndon Orinion

Lyndon graduated in May and is now a web content editor at the Wesley Theological Seminary. He says his biggest adjustment was realizing that he actually had to study to get good grades. “High school did not prepare me for college, and I had to find out how to study and what my study habits were.”

He figured it out the hard way: a couple of failed tests and low grades. But, he got help from his advisor and the TRiO program and graduated with two degrees: an associate degree in information systems and a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and technology.  

Dan Robinson

Dan is a sophomore nursing major and says now is the time to learn good study habits, and organizational and time-management skills so you can get off to a good start. He says time management might be the most important skill, since it will show you how much free time you have.

Dan says it’s also important to figure out early what subjects come naturally to you. Those will require less studying, which will give you more time to study for those classes that are harder.

Nuwangi Dias

For Nuwangi, a senior biology major, adjusting is all about looking ahead. Look at the course catalog and see what classes you think are interesting. Figure out what classes you’ll need for graduation. “One thing I know I didn’t do as well,” she says,” is look ahead all the way to graduation. It’s important to plan ahead.” (Yes, she suggests doing this before you even get to campus.)

If you’ve already picked a major, contact the head of the department or a faculty member to learn more about it, she says.

Do you have any advice you’d like to share? If so, let us know.

On Wednesday our students will give you advice on how to adjust to college’s social life.


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